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A kind of attraction

I knew I had to go to you.  You knew I would.  Your siren song beckoned me- the song that has called so many before me- and so many after.  Your song never changes, never falters.  It has remained the same for as long as you have sung it.  But somehow everyone seems to hear something different.  What they want to hear.  What they need to hear.


Monkeys are sexual deviants- FACT

You should know, as a public service, after hearing about a breed of chimps prone to human-like sexual behavior- I decided this needed to be researched. Now, sure- it would look bad if you looked at my web search history and saw monkey sex, oral chimps, etc.  And I fully expect the FBI, CIA, PETA, ASPCA and the Diner’s Club to come knocking down my door and throwing me in…


My first wrestling match

Someone pointed out to me on facebook that I was on TV at the moment.  A wrestling promotion I work for has a TV show that runs weekly and an episode I figure heavily into was running a replay. I don’t say that to brag, but merely because…it got me thinking.  I have been doing this for 10 years now, how much has changed between now and then? In that…