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Tuesday Truth: The demon in my past

The dread hit me, it was 6:30 am and the sun was rising.  I hadn’t been to bed.  Actually, I hadn’t been to bed in four days. I had laid there, sure.  Went through all the motions; took a shower, changed, closed my eyes- but my heart.  It was beating so fast.  So fast  I thought it might burn out, one last compulsory pump before it just gave out.


This Just In – It’s hot in Los Angeles in August

A heat advisory has been issued for Los Angeles county in the hottest month of the year. In other headlines: Lady Gaga wore something ass-tastically weird Ricky Martin confirms he is Gay Review: Nicholas Sparks’ New Movie/Book is Exactly the Same as the Last Joss Whedon Series Cancelled Your Mother-in-Law Doesn’t Think You are Good Enough Study finds WOW is a waste of Time Kansas Mountain Climbers Association Disbands Elected…


Monday Rant: Mosque. Ow, on the Hudson?

A mosque being built at ground zero?  Don’t act like you aren’t aware- it’s EVERYWHERE.  I am waiting for a Family Guy reference to it. Of course since it has to do with brown people, everyone has an opinion.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about- you put brown people in a situation and everyone is suddenly an expert on foreign policy.