Monday Rant: Mosque. Ow, on the Hudson?

A mosque being built at ground zero?  Don’t act like you aren’t aware- it’s EVERYWHERE.  I am waiting for a Family Guy reference to it.

Of course since it has to do with brown people, everyone has an opinion.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about- you put brown people in a situation and everyone is suddenly an expert on foreign policy.

So here we are with a BPS (brown people situation)- those godless heathens actually want to build a mosque in Uh-Murica?  Who do they think they are? Building a terrorist training camp at the site of the worst attack on american soil (of americans- screw the indians)

Well there are 4…teeny…tiny…little..huge problems with the anti-mosque argument.

See? Not Ground Zero.

1. THE MOSQUE ISN’T AT GROUND ZERO YOU KNUCKLEKNOBS!  The mosque is over 2 blocks away (those are upper manhattan blocks btw- read:bigger).

2. The site is already a mosque.  Okay- more accurately a prayer center for spillover from a mosque a few blocks away.  Because of the huge population of MUSLIMS in NEW  YORK.  But hey- they are brown- what do we care?

3. It’s not a mosque.  Listen closely… it’s not a mosque.  It’s an Islamic Education Center.  Yes it has a prayer center- but it’s for education.  That dirty thing that most people run screaming from.  It’s meant to teach what islam is vs. what was represented by the attacks on 9/11

Of course some say they shouldn’t build on the grounds of the attack.  Okay- go back to number one.  They aren’t.  But even if they were…

4. Where in the blue hell do you think the first churches in this country were built?  The blood of the indigenous people was still wet on the ground when they were setting down pews and singing “old rugged cross” or…ye olde rugged cross.

This boils down to fear, and like a kid that hears something in the dark, we either start swinging for the fences or we pull our heads under the covers.  This time many Americans are swinging.

And, were this January of 2002, or even a year later- I might be a bit more understanding.  But it has been nine years.  Nine. Ocho. Whatever it is in French.  It is time to move on, to start healing- to learn.  We NEED this education center.  I am not saying I expect any of the opponents of this build to ever step in to the building- but its there.  They have the opportunity to learn about a peaceful religion.  But one that gets twisted and torn apart, skewed to meet the warped desires of a cultish sect.  Perhaps some might start to find healing if they were to meet an actual muslim and find out that ::gasp:: they aren’t a cartoon character- they are a real person.

Look at it this way- if they had built a christian church on the site of the Federal Building in OKC, where (american christian) terrorists killed many people, would there be any protest?

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  1. Question – Would you build a KKK museum across the street from where Martin Luther King Jr was killed? Or how about a learning center in the name of Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson by the site of Matthew Shepard’s death? You could, and it would be your right, but it probably isn’t the best idea. It’s all about common sense.

    1. That would be different. In the case of the KKK there is nothing being twisted about their agenda- they wish to purify and cleanse- they feel that everything other than White Anglos are inferior and don’t deserve to live much less be treated as equals. And for McKinney and Henderson- that would be glorifying the actual people who did the act. And their motives have not been twisted at all.

      This is a case where an extremist group has twisted the word of a religion and become what could be described as almost a cult. The people who honor the actual religion have a right to make it known that they don’t support the actions of that group and that the tennets of their religion wouldn’t support that action.

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