Do you like anything?

Do you hate everything?

Do you actually like anything?

Is there anything you like?

I hate that question- in all it’s many forms.  I get it at least once a week, if not more.

Admittedly, I am critical and vocal.  I have no problem expressing my dislike for something.  For instance- I hate Christian Bale- the man has no talent.  He just grunts and grumbles or does a bad Jim Carrey impersonation (American Psycho) and gets all intense.  He is not enjoyable to watch, and constantly looks like he needs some fiber.  And Johnny Depp/Tim Burton (since they are attached at the balls) can go to hell.  To quote Kevin Smith- “we get it, you are artsy and kooky.”  Now prove you have range.

(To be fair- I really enjoy three Tim Burton movies- Mars Attacks, Big Fish, and Beetlejuice)

So yes, I get where you can think I dislike a lot of things- I more vocal about things I don’t like.  I’m not willing to just say “meh- okay” and take it in.  That would make me a nickleback fan- and that would make me dead inside.

What’s my point?  My point is I think people stop listening and think I am being completely negative and forget that I actually do like things.  I even love a few things.

So in an effort to make people stop thinking I am Scrooge Fucking McDuck- I present a few things I like (love)  strap in, a few may surprise you.

Sappy endings- it’s true I am a sucker for a sappy ending.  American Pie?  Loved it.  Loser?  I bought in.  Homeward bound?  I cry everytime I watch in.  When shadow comes over the hell and you realize he got out of that ditch, broken leg and all- if you don’t well up a little bit…you are a robot.

Zombies- This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  I love zombies- but to be honest.  It’s not just the zombies- it’s the post apocalyptic setting.  It’s the idea of people being pushed to an extreme, survival.  They are a fascinating tool that can be used to tell a hundred stories.  They can be a simple backdrop to survival, they can be a terrorizing monster meant to show people’s true selves, or can be used to great comedic effect.  And you can go medieval on zombie…absolutely epic slaughter!

Nature/Outdoors- this one tends to surprise people.  I love being out and enjoying nature- my favorite thing I did in Oregon was hiking to the top of Maltnoma Falls.  There is a peace and serenity that we don’t’ get in our regular lives.  We as a culture have become so disconnected from nature that we no longer respect it.  We have no reason to treat it any differently than any other space we pass through.  As though Yosemite is a god damned movie set.  We feed bears and then wonder why some fucking moron gets his head gently removed by a Black Bear.  We have about as much respect for nature and everything in it as we do for other people- not us so it doesn’t matter.

Beer- I love good beer.  Bud, Miller, Michelob- horse piss.  Carbonated and bottled horse piss.  That’s not beer.  But real beer is amazing.  It can be crafted in so many ways, and take on so many characteristics.  From the tiniest microbreweries, to larger outfits- beer made by craftsmen are worth the money.  So yes I will pay nine dollars for a bottle of La Fin Du Monde, or 8 for a six pack of Boulevard or Sam Adams.  Because drinking crappy beer is like having a McRib and saying you love BBQ.

Dogs- if you don’t like dogs, I don’t think we can be friends.  The only bad thing about dogs is- they don’t live nearly long enough.

Halloween- if you don’t know this- you don’t know me.  It’s my favorite holiday, and season.  It’s the most innocent of holidays and the one most closely connected with childhood.  It’s pure imagination, pure fun, pure sugar.  There is no expectation of gifts, no forced family dinners gorging yourself on ridiculously bad turkey or hideous ham (brine the fucking turkey!)  Just getting to pretend and play dress up and have fun.

A few other things I like?

  • Horror movies
  • Pinup Girls/Burlesque
  • Road Trips
  • Cooking
  • Acting/Singing
  • Painting
  • Acoustic Singer/Songwriters
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Vintage items and clothing
  • Kids
  • Board Games
  • Ghost Stories
  • The ocean
  • Merlot
  • Studying Religion
  • MST3k
  • Fall
  • The Northwest

See- there is plenty that I do actually like.  I’m just well aware of what I don’t like.  So stop asking me if I actually like anything.  I don’t like that.

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  1. Depp is awesome. Have you seen Sweeny Todd yet? Not a fan of Bale but I did like American Psycho as a whole. You left out So Cal.

  2. Aw, Bale did great in Velvet Goldmine, Empire of the Sun, The Prestige, and 3:10 to Yuma. And there’s no grunting in Newsies, although it could only have helped.

  3. Okay, now see, we might have to get into it after all. :o) Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors – all the way back to Empire of the Sun.

    Totally get what you said about nature and feel the same. Just wish it didn’t come with so many bugs :o)

    Whew. Love dogs. Glad we can remain friends on that account. ;o)

  4. Why am I not suprised that the Tim Burton films you like are the ones without Mr. Depp. I admit that my favorite Tim Burton film is Big Fish. He should have won more awards for that one.

    Oh, and I don’t think you are like Scrooge McDuck at all. People in general just cant alway handle an opinionated person.

  5. Having watched basically all of Tim Burton’s films… Big Fish is my favorite one. I felt Burton was cheated on some Academy Awards with that film.

    You are an opinionated person, and I like that about you. I just also know that most people don’t like people that break the so-called “status quo.”

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