image4Doug Marshall is a philanthropist, international playboy and incredibly handsome. He is also a comedian; and occasionally he’s actually funny. He is willing to also smash fruit/dance/use props to gain your love and admiration.

Doug has appeared on the Jerry Springer show (on purpose), and the “cult classic” Zombie Boodbath. A former pro-wrestler you can still see Doug on TV every week on Metro Pro Wrestling airing on Time Warner’s Metro Sports (against his Mom’s pleas otherwise).

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to do some truly amazing things, no bragging- just a whole lot of gratitude. My background includes acting, pro-wrestling, stand-up comedy, photography and successfully running a shadow cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (Fishnets and Floorshows). I also have managed to spend time doing special effects makeup as well as teaching camping, outdoor skills and survival courses- nature is a true passion of mine.

I live by a simple creed, produce more than you consume. I love to create and entertain others, as well as educate. And I aim to leave this life having lived every moment well.